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The next meeting of the Boston Chapter PTG will be:

Tuesday, March 19th

The meeting will be hosted at:

Mason & Hamlin factory
in Haverhill, MA.


6:00 PM     Gather, Converse, Eat
7:00 PM     Chapter Business Meeting
7:30 PM     Technical Presentation

Mason & Hamlin and Bruce Clark will present to the Boston Chapter Piano Technicians Guild a pre-production prototype that features a very substantial revision to our concert grand piano.

Historically, Mason & Hamlin has had 4 different concert instruments since 1900. Bruce Clark, the head scale designer at Mason & Hamlin will talk about the history of these pianos and how the current CC-94 fits into the picture.

The CC-94, the current concert instrument, was introduced in January 2005 at the NAMM show. The market response was quite enthusiastic, however we always realized the instrument could still be improved. Indeed, since 2005 a steady stream of improvements have been incorporated so the CC of today is a considerably better than the CC of 2005.

The piano we will present, while building on the improvements since 2005, is a very substantial revision. Bruce Clark, the designer, will talk about the scale design and the key and action design; the reasons for the various choices. All questions about this piano will be welcome and answered to the best of our ability.

Often, manufacturers are better at lecturing then listening. In this case, we are most interested in listening. Your comments on this piano, musical or technical or otherwise will be welcome and will find an interested audience.

The instrument will be available for all to play and inspect at the end of presentation.

There will be no chapter meeting in April.

The May meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 16th at Williams Piano Shop in Brookline, MA. Chapter officers will be elected / re-elected at this meeting.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Doug Tybor
President, Boston Chapter PTG


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  The Boston Chapter of PTG is one of the largest in the US. We are an active community of artisans & technicians practicing all aspects of piano technology according to our Code of Ethics.  


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