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Mason & Hamlin is considered by far one of the finest piano makers of all time. Even today, there are few pianos that enjoy the amazing reputation that has been synonymous with Mason & Hamlin for the past 150 years.

Mason & Hamlin was established in Boston in 1854, and they began as an organ manufacturer for the first few decades of their history. They began building pianos in the early 1880s, and instantly their instruments were celebrated as some of the finest pianos in the world.

Mason & Hamlin introduced several innovations, including the patented “tensions resonator”, which set their pianos apart from the competition. During the 20th Century, Mason & Hamlin pianos were popular in schools, churches, and studios where they endured harsh and constant use. In the 1930s, they were absorbed into the giant Aeolian-American Corporation.

Mason & Hamlin was sold a few subsequent times over the 20th Century, and the brand is still being built today in Massachusetts; their new models are still based on the famed Mason & Hamlin scale designs of the early 20th Century.




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