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The next meeting of the Boston Chapter PTG will be:

Wednesday, June 19, at:

The meeting will be hosted at:

Absolute Piano Restoration
171 Lincoln St., 3rd Floor
Lowell, MA


6:00 PM     Gather, Converse, Eat
7:00 PM     Chapter Business Meeting
7:30 PM     Technical Presentation

The technical presentation this month will be:

Jude Reveley, of Absolute Piano Restoration, will present:

Respectfully Restoring the Steinway Piano: The Action

Welcome to the Age of the Steinwas!

The new trademark policy that Steinway has recently established prohibits the use of their decal on fallboards and soundboards, unless “the piano uses ONLY genuine Steinway replacement parts.”
Using a 1960s Steinway L accelerated action as our case subject, we will explore why the “one size fits all solution” is far from a sure bet. Understanding Steinway action design and its evolution through history inevitably necessitates custom solutions and modifications for the highest level of performance. See why this is so, and how it impacts your work.

Jude Reveley
Absolute Piano Restoration

RPT, Piano Technicians Guild

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Doug Tybor
President, Boston Chapter PTG







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Jude Reveley

June 19, 2019










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